deaR NoRa....
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mY LoveLY frieNd,NoramiWati aka NoRa will be engaged tomorrow,30 August 2008....congraTs...=) can'T wait 2 see her happiness face..dunwori saya ingat nye bwk hantaran towel awak tue...hehhehehee.

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Dapatkan Satu Di Sini - e-comment2u
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mY NieCEs
smlm the peli print gmbo AriL,anak Lin tue..alo,lo,lo..............comeynye dia...guyam lak aku rase...xsabar nk blk umah nie...nk tlg tarik2 idung Aril geli je nk pgl Aril...hehehheeee.Uyun kate diorg smua pgl Aril tue Awe je...hehehehehee...tetiba aku teringin lak tgk gmbo2 anak2 sedara aku nie...agak2 dlm 6 org dh smuanya....lg 4 cukupla 1 geng nga makcik-pakcik nye....hehehehheee.
mari2 aku nk promote anak2 sedara ku....=) yg pomPuan dlu la coz yG lelaKi de pic x ckP...hehehehe

NuR AtiRaH
nie CuCu suLong mak n AbaH aku....anaK abG icaM....manJa bebeNor coZ maK yg BeLa dia dR keciK...memanG x dok Nga Mama Papa dia Pon....cucu plg kontroversi giTu..hehehehee.kiTorg pgL dia 'tiRaH o Mek YaH'...plG byK muLuT...peninG akU...xde gaYa daK uMuR 6TahuN pon....kalU dia membeBeL...haih,aBaH pon PeninG...traH la yg Plg beraNi mbebel Kt abah...a'a tiRah pgl abaH as abah but kitorG dh Train dia dR keciK...bila sum1 tanya "nie sape?" whiCh refeR to aBaH...dia PandaI je jwB "ini AtuK saya"...hehehehehe....nmPk aYu je kn pic TiraH nie...dia ni memanG,bab2 pose....x taHan............bab nyanyi2 n bjoget lg la.....kalAh aKu..

my 2nd niece : AliSsA MaisaRa
anaK Kak UjiE....lahiR kt sabaH so korg pephM je la cKp nye cmNe...hehehheeee.Mak kt Alissa nie represenT akU time KeciK dlu...meaNing,comey gaK akU dulu,kini n slAmanyE...hanGin....semPat 2...hahahhaaaaa...mmg contrasT gile si TiraH n aLissA nie...traH sket nya lembuT,alIssA lak....main smacK dowN dlM keganaSan dia nie,trserLaH kelembUTannye dlM nyanyiaN tau...nie piC time alissA msk children singing contest...dpt no.3....aBi dia x puas ati kt anaK daRa dia Ptt dpt Juara...beselA anaK kn..baK kaTa kak Ujie "cucu Mat jaKeT kn...",abaH mmG suke brKaraoke smbL dtemaNi leh tiRah je...hahahhahaaaa...

3rd niece but de 5th anaK sedaRaKu : NuruL AmnI.....adiK tiraH....yG nie dr kecIk smpI comey mcM nie aku x penaH jupe lg...isk3...opps,aKu penaH jupe time bru dilaHirkN je..opkoS la Amni x ingaT kn....raya niE mestI jupE cik Ila taw....bKn pe aBg iCam kN dok kt teMerLoh n kalU blk umah pon de Prob sket bab2 nk ameK tiraH...well,that's another lonG storY...huhuhuhuuu...citer psL aMni K...adiK2 aku kt aMni nie comeY yg aMaT....bese la TiraH jeleS sket coZ adiK dia abaH mesTi bgTau tiraH blk..."tiraH,ItaM2 pon ManiS...."...cucu kesayanGan...besela....disebabkn x clOse contacT lg nga Amni so aKu ponx tau nk citEr pe...haih..........

ok.....stakaT nie saJa....

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Synopsis :

Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a shy, brilliant M.I.T. student who – needing to pay school tuition – finds the answers in the cards. He is recruited to join a group of the school’s most gifted students that heads to Vegas every weekend armed with fake identities and the know-how to turn the odds at blackjack in their favor. With unorthodox math professor and stats genius Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) leading the way, they’ve cracked the code. By counting cards and employing an intricate system of signals, the team can beat the casinos big time. Seduced by the money, the Vegas lifestyle, and by his smart and sexy teammate, Jill Taylor (Kate Bosworth), Ben begins to push the limits. Though counting cards isn’t illegal, the stakes are high, and the challenge becomes not only keeping the numbers straight, but staying one step ahead of the casinos’ menacing enforcer: Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne)

smlm aku sesorg je dtg dr kol 8pg till 10 kot aku alone....dan2 la xde mood n nagntuk2 sket,sket je tau...lapor lak 2...tgk2 smua org de keje...xde geng mkn....huhuhuuu...aku pon redah aja...p beli mkn kt cafe..smbl2 mkn dok cr2 la benda2 best dlm laptop nie...then....aku jupe movie 21 time.b4 tue check line dlu,siap locked pin2 lg....disebabkn aku tlebih berani,so aku gn headphone....heheheheeee...xmo la de org tumpang2 menonton nga aku gak citer nie...

mentang2 aku tulis 'alone' status ym aku....dan2 hantu 'Yan'mai kaco aku....eleh,x takot pon...hehehehehee...

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neWesT nepheW
27 julai 2008,adik aku si LIN slamat dh melahirkn anak sulungnye...=)


Bersama IBU n AYAH....=)

p/s: tunggu yer Aril,Cik iLA kelik nati....bkn2...nk panggil dia AWE...heheheheee.....=)
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Do'a malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan " "Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa ummat Muhammad, apabila sebelum memasuki bulan Ramadhan dia tidak melakukan hal-hal yang berikut: * Tidak memohon maaf terlebih dahulu kepada kedua orang tuanya (jika masih ada); * Tidak berma'afan terlebih dahulu antara suami isteri; * Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang sekitarnya. Maka Rasulullah pun mengatakan Amiin sebanyak 3 kali. Dapatkah kita bayangkan, yang berdo'a adalah Malaikat dan yang meng-amiinkan adalah Rasullullah dan para sahabat , dan dilakukan pada hari Jumaat. Oleh itu SAYA TERLEBIH DAHULU MEMOHON MAAF jika saya ada berbuat kesalahan, baik yang tidak di sengaja mahupun yang di sengaja , semoga kita dapat menjalani ibadah puasa....amin..

*** selain dr itu,marilah kita menyambut kedatangan Ramadhan dgn :

1) selesai ganti pose yg lps...hehehheheee

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I'm sorry....

APOLOGY is an expression of remorse or guilt over having done something that is acknowledged to be wrong, and a request for forgiveness. But we also know it can be really hard to swallow our pride and say "I'm sorry." If you have a difficult time making amends for mistakes or repairing the effects of angry words, here's how to keep your dignity while being humble, and invite forgiveness with grace.

Steps :

1) Realize that what you did was wrong and probably hurt this person.

2)Realize that there is no excuse. Do not try to think of or offer one. An apology with an excuse is not an apology. Take Full Responsibility.

3)Decide when to apologize. Sometimes immediately after your mistake is best, sometimes not. The sting of a harsh word can be cooled right away with a quick apology, but other offenses might need the other person to cool down before they are willing to even listen to your next sentence. However, the sooner you apologize for your mistake, the more likely it will be viewed as an error in judgment and not a character flaw.

4) Write your apology down. Construct a letter to the person you're apologizing to, rehearsing what you will say in person. If you don't feel comfortable with writing, then use a voice recorder. Not only will this help you remember what to say when you're face to face with them, but you can also bring the copy with you and hand it to them if you find the apology quite difficult to express. But don't forget that a direct and honest apology is best. Do it face to face, if possible. A phoned, emailed or recorded apology shows a lack of sincerity and effort and should only be a last resort

5) Begin the apology by naming the offense and the feelings it may have caused. Be specific about the incident so that they know exactly what you're apologizing for. Make it a point to avoid using the word "but". ("I am sorry, but..." means "I am not sorry.") Also, do NOT say "I'm sorry you feel that way" or "I'm sorry if you were offended." Be sorry for what you DID! "I'm sorry you feel that way" makes it see like you are blaming the other person, and is not a real apology. Validate their feelings or discomfort by acknowledging your transgression's (potential) effects, while take responsiblity:

6) Make amends. Think about what caused you to make the offense. Is it because you're a little too laid back about being on time, or remembering important dates? Is it because you tend to react instantly to certain comments, without pausing to consider an alternative point of view? Is it because you are unhappy with your life, and you unknowingly take it out on others? Find the underlying problem, describe it to the person (as an explanation, not an excuse), and tell them what you intend to do to rectify that problem so that you never repeat this mistake again:

7. Express your appreciation for the role they play in your life, emphasizing that you do not want to jeopardize or damage the relationship. This is the time to briefly recount what has created and sustained the bond over time and tell loved ones that they are indeed loved. Describe what your life would be missing without their trust and their company.

8. Ask if they will give you a chance to make up for what you did wrong. Insist on proving to them that you have learned from your mistake, and that you will take action to change and grow as a result, if they will let you. Make a clear request for forgiveness and wait for their answer. This gives the injured party the well deserved "power" in determining the outcome of the situation.

9. Be patient. If an apology is not accepted, thank them for hearing you out and leave the door open for if they wish to reconcile later. (E.g. "I understand you're still upset about it, but thanks for giving me the chance to apologize. If you ever change your mind, please give me a call.") If you are lucky enough for your apology to be accepted, avoid the temptation to throw in a few excuses at the end. Instead, have a transition planned out beforehand for what you can do to solidify the clean slate (e.g. "Let's go get some coffee and catch up. It'll be my treat. I miss knowing what you're up to.").

10. Stick to your word. This is the most important step. A true apology entails a resolution, and you have to carry out your promise in order for the apology to be sincere and complete. Otherwise, your apologies will lose their meaning, and trust may disappear beyond the point of no return. Follow through.


One on one.
One on one.

If you can, pull the person aside so that you can apologize while you're alone. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of other people influencing the person's decision, but it will also make you a little less nervous. However, if you insulted the person publicly and made him/her lose face, your apology is much more effective if done publicly.

* Use relaxed and humble body language. Keeping your arms crossed or pointing fingers will put the other person on the defensive.

* If the person is willing to talk to you about making amends, see this as an opportunity. If you've forgotten your wife's birthday, for instance, you might decide to celebrate another night and make it extra wonderful and romantic. This won't relieve you of responsibility for remembering the next important occasion, of course, but it will show that you're willing to take special time and effort.

* One apology will often cause another, either from you for something else you realized you are sorry for, or from the other person because they realize the conflict was mutual. Be prepared to forgive.

* A proper apology is always about the injured party. Keep your apology focused on the actual wrong done, and the recipient.

* Don't keep asking if he or she is mad at you. This puts the focus back on you, and makes you sound impatient and selfish. Just as it takes time to heal, it can take time to forgive.


* Sometimes attempted apologies turn into a rehash of the same argument you wanted to amend. Be very careful not to re-argue any topics or open any old wounds.

* Don't be too surprised (or suspicious) if you are forgiven. Take people at their word, just like they took your apology.

* Don't apologize unless you really mean it. You can spot a false apologies from a mile away, and so can others.

* Even if you feel that the conflict was partly because of the other person's miscommunication, do not say so in the middle of your apology. At most, mention briefly that the other person can help you avoid misunderstandings by reminding you when you step out of line, and apologize again for the hurt you caused.

* Do not talk about about how bad you feel. The apology is not about your guilt, your shame, your fear of rejection, your anxiety or your loneliness while waiting to be forgiven. It is about the other person - remember that, even if it seems to be taking them a long time to forgive you.

* Never assume that the injured party is "punishing" you by taking time to forgive you, but watch for warning signs that they will hold a grudge forever. If you hear the words "I'm not going to let you forget this," or "I'll be your friend again, but this will change our friendship forever," listen to your gut, and consider letting the relationship go.

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macam mana nie????banyak lak yg spatutnye kena present nati....=( jumaat nie lak tue...tidak!!!!!de 3 hari lagi nie....huhuhhuuuu.CHAIYO!!!!

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Minggu ini
aku rasa dis week cepat sesangat berlalu nye..sok dh cuti pon....meaning jumaat nati aku kena present lg...huhuhuuu...
waina dtg umah jap gie,lamanye x jumpe..opkos la de reunion dara5 nt...mukin x cukup korum coz lina n ziera xde...xpe pe pon kitorg saling rindu-rinduan gitu,betul kn dlah....=)bestnye waina de cuti best2...cikgu la ktkn...agak2 pe la waina bw dr sarawak nie...heheheeheee...
ok,peli dh sampai...enjoy ur weekend...=)
weekend aku x sah kalu x bz wat assignment...haih.....

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am i been cheated?
smlm kuar shoping nga pija n yan..p sg wang je bese la...then rushing blk bilik nk kemas meja,laptop lg....siap2,kuar blk p monorail...dan2 de sorg kakak tegur aku n bkata "adik,kalau kad atm hilang mcm mana ye?akak tcicir rasenye masa kt jln tar td..." aku pon suhla akak tue p wat report...then mula la drama akak tue..."akak nk blk umah nie,duit de sringgit 2 je neh...adik leh tolong x?".aku pon tanya la nk blk mana tp dia wat dek je..isk3...hangin jap aku...pas2 akak tue bsuara lg.."adik pinjamkn akak rm10,boleh?" dgn muka x brp kesian pon aku aku rasa kesian gak but in de same time aku wondering..."boleh caya ke akak nie???" haih,dgn bijaksana nye aku kata aku xde duit kecik,ringit2 bleh la,sepoloh inggit x cukup nk bg...akak tue boleh kt lg..."adik tolongla naik atas nt,tukarkn duit tue..." amboi2...then aku jawab la..."saya pkai monthly pass kak..." aku bohong sunat sbb aku x penah pon pkai pass tue..dis week aku naik public transport coz kak ayu,housemate aku cuti kelik kampong..heheheheee...dah,akak tue gelisah lg..."okla dok,bagi je la brp yg adik boleh bantu akak nie..." muka x sedey pon...layannnnnn..aku pon wat2 la check beg duit aku yg berada dlm beg sandang aku..aku x bwk kuar pon wallet aku kang kantoi kn aku dh shopping sakan...heheheheheee...aku pon bgla rm3 je kt akak tue...x sanggup aku nk bg rm10,bkn kedekut ye,was2 gitu....cepat2 akak tue kt.."terima kaseh ye dik,kira halal la duit nie ye..." aku pon nganguk je la...nasib2...trus akak tue blah cm2 je,aku ingat dia pon nk naik monorail. n aku pon trus naik escalator monorail tue..tetiba tringin lak aku toleh blkg tgk akak tue...amboi2...dia jln p chowkit lak...dan2 aku pk.."am i been cheated?"...haih...n dan2 lak aku nmpk sorg pakcik tua kt tmpt ptemuan aku nga akak td tue...dok mtk duit gak kt org2 yg bru trun dr monorail...haih....aku pon tpk lg..."sindiket ke nie?"....

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lenguh2 , backpain n siap tremor tangan aku menyiat kulit seorg pakcik or maybe datuk kot...naseb baik dia kurus je so x byk la fatty tissue yg kena aku buang...haih....1st time nie aku dissect manusia,opps no more human but a cadaver...nama rasmi bg mayat..start isnin lg aku buang kulit dia bg cantek sket b4 aku skodeng internal organ lak...heheheheee....plan nk attach gmbo cadaver aku tue tp x bleh maa...pantang larang d dlm dissection hall..NO CAMERA...rugi2...
n time tue gak la budak2 course x-ray kolej kesihatan bersekutu sg buloh tue mai wat rombongan chek kiah,eh bkn2 bsama kak suria senior pdr...ingat lg dia kt aku...femes ke aku nie??? heheheheee..dan2 lak depa tanya mayat pe nie..n dgn slumber aku kt "budak kot" n tanpa segan silu de sorg budak tue kt "org tua la kak"..hehehehee..sebabnye aku x tgk pon muka cadaver tue,budak2 tue intai2 je...aku cover muka cadaver tue nga plastic biru...hahahahaaaa..x trpk pon nk tgk muka cadaver yg tpaksa bjasa kpd aku tuk assessment gross anatomy nie...=)
so pg td continue nga buang fatty tissue bg clear nampak muscles lak...cantek toi,nampak arrangement dia n boleh la identify muscle pe...bagus2 leh revision skali...=) sambung nextweek lak tok cut ribs n tgk in situ organ dlm thoracic region tue...cuba teka ape yg ade...=) korg tau?bijak2...=)

disebabkn sambung nextweek,so kenala simpan dlu cadaver tue dlm tank...penat tol aku,mana tak nye angkat 4 cadavers yg separuh je...ala aku dpt cadaver yd de kepala,tangan n sampai perut je...lower limb xde...haih,kalu whole body...x tdaya chek...=) tolong angkatkn tuk kak ina,kak mas n farkaad skali...bkn aku sorg tau..bsama2 la...mcm kuat sgt aku nie...hehehehhee..

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smlm agak panas cuaca dlm bilik anat nie...haih,baru 2 bulan bsama sudah xpe take it easy...bese la stiap org de ragam nye sendri jd...sendiri mau ingat la...ok,ziela...ingat2 jgn lupe...=)

last week kemain aku list up pe aku nk wat kn...heheheheee.outcome nye : 1 pon aku xwat...huhuhuuuu.Y?ntah,wo pu che taw...=p

skrg aku nk prepare tk 2nd seminar lak...dis topic cm berat sket sebab x direct so kena baca then extract pe info bese prepare still kecut gak nt...heheheheee...

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PoSt MorteM
Alhamdulillah............settle dh my 1sth seminar...=)later still de 2 seminar lg...chaiyo!!!!must improve,improve n improve.....
byk gak komen2 yg aku dpt td,antaranye:

1) slide arrangement kena improve,trus ikut tajuk spatutnye..

2)contents good

3)present ok but de skit2 kuren faseh pronounciation nye..rapping nye pasal.hehehehee

moral of de story :

understand the subject 1sth.....=) thanks Dr Isra....n Dr Das for ur moral support..=)

things to do during weekend:

1) assignment on germinal layers

2) study on trachea 4 group discussion

3) histology report of lung

eceee......kemain lg siap list tue...xpe2,kita tgk outcome nye next monday yer....

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There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

- George Sand -

Alhamdulillah...5 tahun sudah bersama....=)

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parTy timE
agaK lama x celebraTe besdeI kn,so ariE ni kitorg wat Party tuk PijA n En IswAdi....hepi bestday to both of U...=)
ok,nothing much 2 lets the pictures storY


HIP JOINT = articulation between the hemispherical head of the femur and the cup shaped acetabulum of the hip bone.
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WaniTA yanG KAu PiLiH.....RossA

Malam selalu panjang
Di waktu aku merindukanmu
Kau bisa menjaga aku
Hingga diriku merasa teduh

Aku seperti kamu
Menginginkan dan memerlukanmu
Karena kita tak mampu
Selalu pergi menjauh

Kau jadikan aku ini
Wanita yang kau pilih
Untuk jadi kekasihmu
Dan kau pun tlah aku minta
Setia sepertiku

Aku percaya penuh
Kau kan buatku bahagia
Karna cinta tercipta
Datangnya dari dalam hatiku

Kau jadikan aku ini
Wanita yang kau pilih
Untuk jadi kekasihmu
Dan kau pun tlah aku minta
Setia sepertiku

p/s : sum1 soh aku dedicatE lagU ni Kat dia....=)


SHOULDER JOINT = articulation between rounded head of the humerus and the shallow,pear shaped glenoid cavity of the scapula
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lelaki oH LeLaki
Aries (21 Mac - 20 April)
Orang Nya: Anak mak! smart mamat.
intelligent,(boleh la....)

Tips utk memikat: Bagus utk minah2 tudung (NO OFFENCE) but its
true.. Jejaka Aries suka wanita yg sopan, tata-tertib.. sebab nak
bawa tunjuk
mak so kena lah bawa balik yg bagus punya

WARNING: Jika anda betol anda rasa aries ini pilihan anda, pilih
lah. Kalau tidak, jgn lah main-mainkan hatinya. Hati dah luka
sukar nak dibaiki. Macam moto yang dah rosak, makan bulan di
workshop baru baik.


Leo (24 Julai - 23 Ogos)
Orang nya: penyayang, warm hearted, tidak
kedekut bila mahu berkongsi kesenangan dan kemewahandengan org yg
disayangi nya. Jejaka Leo ini juga seorg yg ambitious, self-
centered tapi tak ego.(kadang2 je ego). Pandai berkata2.

Tips utk memikat: sebagai perempuan, harus lah menunjukkan
kewanitaan yg selembut-lembut nya. Kena tahu bagaimana menilai dan
menghargai setiap ciri dan kualiti ada pada jejaka leo.

WARNING: Jgn.. saya ulangi.. JGN bercakap atau memuji lelaki lain
di hadapan LEO. Mereka tak> suka dibanding-bandingkan dengan org
lain..mereka tu sensitif! Sikit sikit tak boleh, nanti merajok,
balik bilang mak.

Virgo (24 Ogos - 23 September)
Orang nya: pemalu, tak pandai mengawal emosi,ceng'eng. Suka mencari
perhatian dari perempuan.

Tips utk memikat: Lelaki Virgo suka yg pendiam,tak kecoh,
sofisticated, simple, jgn banyakcakap..(cerewet pulak si virgo nie)
So kenalah pandai menyerlahkan nilai2 kewanitaan, gaya yang manis,
kelembutan dan tak lupa
kesabaran..(virgo ceng'eng.. kuat merajuk)

WARNING: Bila pergi dating, jgn pakai yg ter"over welming".. virgo
ini gatal..(chicky duck)kalau dia over gatal, kasi jer flying kick
sama dia.

Libra ( 24 September - 23 Oktober) Orang nya: cerewet, posessive,
takes things lightly when comes to quarrel tapi jujur dlm segala
hal.Suka buat keputusan `last minute`. Seringkala kontrol diri
depan perempuan.

Tips utk memikat: Senang aje..
Libra suka perempuan yg ceria, happy go lucky.. SO be urself

WARNING: So bila nak date.. makai lah make-up yg sederhana.. tapi
jgn lupa cover-up pimple jika ada.. a big turn off for Libra pasal
ingat diorang nie semua hensem

Scorpio ( 24 Oktober - 23 November)
Orang nya: action serius, mudah cemburu, mood swing..

Tips utk memikat: Sentiasa menghargai nya.. nak bergayut di talifon
berjam-jam pun
takpe! janji dgn dia, kerana Scorpio ini macam Libra
juga,posessive. Tak suka berkongsi perempuan nya dgn org lain.

WARNING: Buat pilihan yg betol bila mahu memikat scorpio, kerana
bila dah terjerat susah nak escape dari scorpio...(jgn kata aku
tak kasi

Cancer ( 22 Jun - 23 Julai)
Orang nya: Segak, Step kaya, bermurah
hati, suka menunjuk-nunjuk dengan kemewahan.. tetapi mereka adalah
sebalik nya..(berhati-hati ya)

Tips utk memikat: Jgn pulak anda pun nak step kaya... nanti habis
duit dikebas.

WARNING: TOLONG Jgn terpedaya dgn kata manis nyer.. first first
manis, kalau dah lama jadimasam.. kadang kadang jadi basi...

Sagitarius ( 23 November - 21 December)
Orang nya: Fu.. yoh.. siapa dpt memang untung... Sagitarius org nya
happy aje.. suka (bergembira tepok tangan sama2.. la la la..) bawa
partner jalan2.. sort of adventurous

Tips utk memikat: Sentiasa ada kan plan bila nak keluar.. tengok
wayang ke? kanoeing ke? anything asal kan jgn membosan kan...

WARNING: Jgn "u plan.. i plan lah"..'confirm tak ada plan'.

Capricon ( 22 December - 20 Januari)
Orang Nya:Egoistic, ada batu duduk di atas itu kepala,pendek kata Capricon seorg yg sukar nak meluahkan perasaannya. Jarang sekali anda akan mendengar
dia melafazkan 'cinta' pada anda

Tips utk memikat: COOL aje sis.. nak tekel mereka bukan mudah.. jgn
give in selalu.. ajar sikit..mereka jual mahal.. kita jual lagi

WARNING: Macam layang2 putus tali.. jual mahal..mahal jugak sis..
jgn mahal sampai terputus tali.. melepas lah kau nanti...

Aquarius ( 21 Januari - 19 Februari)
Orang Nya: Pijak semut tak mati..(mcm sapo aaaa kat misc nie) .Suka yg cantik dan menarik perhatian.

Tips utk memikat: Kacang aje.. sentiasa berpakaian cantik, glamer..
comfirm dia sentiasa nak berkepit aje dgn u

WARNING: Lelaki Aquarius nie cepat bosan dgn org.. so sbelum dia
tinggal kan kita.. kita blah dulu

Pisces (20 Februari - 20 Mac)
Orang Nya: Segak, bergaya, ngada-ngada, choosy..Mudah perasan.walaupon tak hensem..

Tips utk memikat: Senyum sikit kat dia,mesti dia akan ingat sampai

WARNING: Mungkin bakal jadi playboya.

Taurus (21 April - 21 Mei)
Orang nya: Mencabar. garang seperti singa, takut seperti tikus. Mereka
tidak tetap dgn pendirian sendiri.Suka Bantu org lain.

Tips utk memikat: Low profile sikit, mereka suka sesuatu yg
mencabar, let him find out the real you...

WARNING: Kadang-kadang diorang suka buat kelakar seorang seorang...
kesian takde orang lain layan...

Gemini (22 Mei - 21 Jun)
Orang nya: Mudah Gemok! egoistic, tak suka
kalah. Kalau ada debate, jgn harap anda nak menang.. dalam apa2
persoalan jua mereka ada aje
alasan nya

Tips utk memikat: Sabar aje lah.. be patient. Sebagai perempuan,
mengalah lah sikit.. lambatlaun hati nya akan lembut jugak.. Lelaki
Gemini nie suka pada perempuan yg lembut, hatinya akan lembut jua.

WARNING: Jgn bersikap terlalu kasar dgn nya..kalau dah tak tahan dgn
mereka.. blah aje jgn banyak cakap.. mereka panas baran. Tak guna
bertengkar anda tak akan menang punya pasal diorang nak menang
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